Cellular and CRF Systems

Cemented Rock Fill and Cellular Concrete Systems

Trust the concrete experts at Multicrete to provide you with the cellular and CRF systems you need to confidently complete your project. From Autofoam cellular concrete systems to cemented rock fill slurry mixers, and foaming agents to foam generators, we carry a wide range of solutions to help ensure the safe completion of your operation. 

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Multicrete™ Foam Generators for use with Cellular Concrete

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Foam generators used in the production of cellular concrete may be sized for any production rate, and are for use with either continuous or batch mixing systems.All units include a calibrated foam nozzle with fixed foam discharge rates from 5 cfm to 40 cfm (depending on flow).Pressure tank generating systems are optimal for operations where batching equipment is utilized. It is very cost effective when relatively small quantities of foam are required.

With pressure tank generating systems, foam liquid concentrate and water are premixed in the tank. The solution is then discharged from the pressurized tank through the foam-making nozzle. No additional water pump is required. The process is completed by air pressure alone.

Pressure tanks are supplied in sizes from 30 to 200 gallon capacity to accommodate the project size. Where continuous operation is desired, wo tanks of equal size may be coupled together in parallel, so one may be discharging foam while the other is being refilled without stopping production. Calibrated foam nozzles with discharge rates from 5 to 40 cfm are available for both pressure tank systems and continuous generating systems.

Our Auto-Foam Generator (AFG) automatically blends liquid foam concentrate with water and compressed air in fixed proportions. The AFG continuously siphons liquid foam concentrate directly from the concentrate’s container. The liquid foam concentrate is metered and blended with water yielding a premixed solution with the proper concentration ratio to produce the desired density.

This solution is then pressurized and balanced with an air source (not included). Air and the premixed solution are then metered through a nozzle, whose output can be varied by the Auto-Foam Generator. The nozzle is designed for the production of a fine micro-bubbled foam of a specific density and quantity.

Autofoam cellular concrete system

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Multicrete™ features the high volume Cellular Concrete Production Plant. This unit consists of a 5 ton dry cement bin, which feeds a 1 cubic meter colloidal mixer and from the mixer discharges into a 3 cubic meter agitator hopper.

The hopper feeds a Moyno pump, which conveys the material through a static mixing system, where the foam is added. The Autofoam Generator is capable of producing 20-100 cubic meters per hour. This system can be operated manually, through touch screen controls or completely automatic via PLC. A wide range of densities, from 5 pcf to 120 pcf, can be produced.

Cemented Rock Fill (SRF) Slurry Plant

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The CRF Slurry Mixer is a PLC- controlled single drum, high speed, high-shear unit designed for the efficient production of cement based slurries. The product produced exhibits colloidal properties and is nearly immiscible in water.

The machine can handle cement / sand ratios up to 1:3 by weight and produce pumpable mixtures. It will mix a wide range of materials such as Cement: P.F.A., Pre-blends, Bentonite, Lime or Chemicals.

  • Portable
  • Completely Unbolts to Suit Caging Requirements
  • Cement Bags, Bulk Bags or Silo feed
  • P.L.C.- Controlled for Fully Automatic Unattended Operation
  • Self-Cleaning / Purging
  • Incorporates Proven Colloidal Mixer as Scale, Mixer and Pump
  • Rapid Underground Assembly
  • Ideal for Backfilling in Remote Areas


Power Unit: Electric, 2 x 30 hp motors (575 volt)
Output: Up to 16 m3/hr.
Pressure: Up to 30 psi.
Batch Capacity: 680L

Concrete Texture

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Used for Void Filling & Structural Cementitious Foam

MULTI-foam is a non-combustible, void-filling, and structural cementitious foam. When combined with the proper amount of air and water in the specially designed placer unit, forms a low density foam. This product can be designed for different densities, strengths and set times.

Multicrete™ Foaming Agent may be used in many types of foam generating devices. When used in other continuous or batch type Foam Generators, the result is a very compact selfcontained precision foam system which may be integrated with solids metering feeders, slurry mixers and pumps to permit continuous discharge of foamed slurries through pipe or hose lines.

  • Filling voids with:
    • Compressible Contact Grout
    • Low density, light-weight fill
    • Rapid strength gaining grout
  • Bulk heads:
    • Safety plug in a raise
  • Construction:
    • Insulating roof tops
    • Foundation fill
    • Road backfill
  • Structural purposes:
    • Backfilling over a set of arches to provide contact against the roof, filling a cavity to prevent methane build-up, and as a cushion against falling debris over false roof.
  • Mining and Tunnelling division:
    • Compressible barrier construction.

  • Engineered Void Filler:
    • Can bridge gaps over 1″ (25 mm) wide
  • High Yield:
    • Non segregating and pumpable
    • Less material to handle
  • Engineered Properties:
    • Densities and properties easy to adjust
  • Low Causticity:
    • Absolutely minimizes the possibility of cement burns
  • Very Cost Effective

Dry grout material can be packaged in 20 kg and 30 kg small bags. Bulk bags are available in 228 kg or 1 MT bags for mass production.

Please refer to the TDS for more details.

Concrete Texture

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